Binge-worthy shows for turkey day weekend

Jocelynn Landon, Reporter

“Love is Blind”:

It’s your classical love show… except they never see each other until after the proposal. Love is blind is currently on season 3 and is streaming on Netflix.

Is love really blind? Well in this show you really see love get tested. They have to fall in love with who they are on the inside and not the outside.

There are ring conversations that should have not happened, wine given to dogs, squinty eyes, and blind men who can’t see beauty that makes this show captivating and entertaining to say the least.

I recommend this show because it really does dive deep into serious questions and creates lots of good conversations.



Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Elite, is based in Madrid at an exclusive boarding school. I do watch the dubbed version in English, rather than Spanish and there are rarely times that the voices don’t match.

Okay let’s get into it, there are questions of morals, murderer, friends covering up for murders, swimming pools, fancy restaurants, fakes, LGBTQ+ representation, and so much more. With every season there is something fresh making you want to solve the mystery before they do. This show is drama packed and there is always something new to keep you entertained. Currently they have five seasons, with season six coming out mid November and can be watched on Netflix.


“Gilmore Girls”:

This one is perfect for curling up on the couch, coffee, and watching with your friends or family. This mother daughter duo is the talk of the small town Stars Hollow in Connecticut. As Rory, a high school student, needs to go to a private school in order to have a better opportunity in getting into Harvard, Lorelei, Rory’s mom, navigates the issue of money with the help of their grandparents. Throughout the show there are boyfriends, 1,000 yellow daisies, candy shops, and so so so much coffee. I like Gilmore girls because of how much each character grows and the storyline of not only the main characters, but side characters such as Paris, Jess, and Lane. It has a total of seven seasons, with an additional spin off called Gilmore Girls: Year in the Life and can be watched on Netflix.