Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger breaks MLB records in historic April start

Haley Duval, Photo Editor


It’s no secret that Cody Bellinger had one of the best starts MLB history.

Only 23 and just two years since he got called up to the big leagues, Bellinger is breaking MLB record after record this 2019 season.

He does not show any weakness when it comes to playing the game.

Bellinger ended the month of April with 14 home runs, tying the MLB record with Albert Pujols in 2006 and Alex Rodriguez in 2007 for most HRs before May. Brewers’ Christian Yelich also tied with 14 home runs before May this year. So, he’s now one in four players of all-time to have that record.

What makes Bellinger’s start this season even more impressive is all the other records he collected this year.

He now holds the MLB records for most total bases, most RBIs , most hits, and most runs before the month May. He currently has 98 total bases, 37 RBIs, 47 hits, and 32 runs.

That’s not all, with Bellinger’s HR No. 14, he passes Chase Utley (85, 2008) for the most total bases (88) before May in MLB history.

This stud just loves to break records.

According to ESPN, his contact rate percentage in his three seasons in the majors; 2017 69.6%, 2018 72.4%, 2019 85.9%. His swing and miss percentage; 2017 13.2%, 2018 12.3%, 2019 5.7%.

Bellinger is hitting well over .400 with more walks than strikeouts. That’s impressive.

Through April, Dodgers have 20 wins and 52 HRs. They lead the NL with a 37 plus run differential. Bellinger plays a huge role in those wins.

If Bellinger does not win MLB’s Player of the Month, we Dodgers fans are rioting.

When MLB  announced their April stat leaders, Bellinger took the triple crown. He’s leading the majors in batting, RBIs, and HRs.

Assuming Bellinger were to perform the same rate as he is now to the rest of the season, he’ll be on track for NL MVP.

Is there anything Bellinger can’t do? Yes. Unfortunately, he can’t cook a frozen pizza. From his sister’s Instagram story, during the off season, she shared a photo a melted cutting board in the oven. Apparently, Bellinger heated his frozen pizza with a cutting board instead of an oven pan.