Showtime at Bakersfield College “The House of Bernarda Alba”


Anthony Vasquez/The Rip

Bakersfield College theater returns to live indoor performances. for opening night on Feb. 24.

Anthony Vasquez, Reporter

The Bakersfield College’s theater program had its very first opening night on Feb. 24 of their production of the well-known play, “The House of Bernarda Alba,” by Federico Garcia Lorca.

 Held at the Edward Simonson Indoor Theater, and directed by Cody Ganger, the excited audience was welcomed inside at 7 p.m. The play began at about 7:30 p.m. and the audience was immediately captivated by the stage. 

s, Bernarda Alba (Rachel Daguman), and her five daughters Angustias (Madison Shuck), Magdalena (Karina Ronquillo), Amelia (Trinity Coston), Martirio (Alana Edwards), and Adela (Alexis Long), allured the audience at the beginning of the play with entrancing mournful looks. The design of the scenery and lighting, which is done by Kevin Ganger, made a huge impact towards the start of the play as it complemented the scene in its entirety.  

The play focuses on the family in the house of Bernarda Alba, and the events within their period of mourning. The characters fall into a dramatic and intensive storyline that had the audience sit on the edge of their seats, just waiting for what happened next. 

The characters were all played very well, as it could be seen that each and every cast member fully committed to playing their respective roles. Some significant roles like Daguman’s role of Bernarda Alba were played amazingly, as they perfectly captivated the angry, yet powerful emotions of the character. The roles of the daughters were all played uniquely differently, but their roles were dramatic and full of real emotions that made the audience connect and understand them on a deeper level. The supportive roles of the maids, played by Suzana Louden and Margarita Diaz Alcala, allowed the audience to understand the other characters. 

The Production Crew’s work also played a huge part in the play, every detail that was involved created an overall amazing performance and a special and unique experience for the audience. 

 Along with opening night, the play was continued throughout the rest of the week. It was the first of the semester, and the next play that is set to be in production soon is “The Wolves,” which will run from April 27-30, 2022.