Op-ed: What to do when tired of Netflix

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

The pending Coronavirus has forced many people indoors and in order to prevent boredom, many people may choose to binge their favorite movies or tv shows on Netflix. While Netflix does offer various options to choose from, a person can only watch it for so long before they get tired of it. 

If this happens or has happened to you, there are many other alternatives that will help cure the boredom and can even help you discover something new about yourself. 

A way I choose to decompress some stress and help keep me busy is by painting with acrylic.  If painting is not your favorite choice you can grab a piece of paper or an old notebook and a pencil to draw. Simply doodling or looking up pictures online to copy off of also work out well and has helped me understand how to draw better. 

Another form to keep busy that I like to do, is cleaning up my room or cleaning up around the house. Sometimes reorganizing my room takes up a good amount of time allowing me to get rid of objects or clothing that I no longer need and therefore making more space. 

Recently I was gifted a month old puppy named Lenteja, also known in English as Lentil, she is now three months old. Being at such a young age she keeps me very busy when I no longer want to watch Netflix I turn off the tv or shut my laptop and run around the house playing with her. Any animal young or old can keep a person busy when they are energized. If you don’t want to play with your pet you can teach them new tricks. Since Lenteja is still a puppy it is important to potty train her and help her get accustomed to the house so I spend a lot of time doing that when I’m home. 

If all other options don’t keep my attention. Then I would try to catch up on school work for other classes, including work on assignments, homework, and studying. Other choices could be to play old board games, doing small exercises to stay healthy, and practicing a few cooking skills. 

Netflix is not the only source of entertainment,  there are many choices around that house that are waiting to be explored I  just need to look hard enough and get creative and so can you.