‘Momentary Masters’ becomes instant classic

Javier Valdes, Copy Editor

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Nowadays, the definition of what one constitutes to be a great album varies greatly with the multitudes of new sounds that our universal ear has been exposed to. With so many genres, the types of music that surround us all demand a listener that can reinforce the product that the artist has created.

In the music business, we see a lot of bad albums, occasionally we come across a good album, but rarely do we find a great album, a gem; the type of album that keeps you from skipping between tracks.

When you discover music so exceptional that you find yourself connecting both emotionally and physically, and where you appreciate the songwriting, production, setting, and emotion, then you have found a classic.

Being a full-time guitarist on the garage-rock-reviving band The Strokes, Albert Hammond Jr. has seen his fair share of instant-classic worthy material. While continuing to work with The Strokes, Hammond released his debut album “Yours To Keep” in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since. Hammond’s third album “Momentary Masters” marks the first full-length material he has released since 2008’s “Como Te Llama?” and contrary to The Strokes slowly diminishing sound, Hammond’s solo career keeps booming with no peak in sight.

The 10-song album “Momentary Masters” propels Hammond to a level of artistry that is rarely seen. The exhilarating guitar-shredding track “Touché” affirms the continued growth Hammond has shown since his debut release.

The endlessly playable tune ends with a hard powered quivering guitar solo that Hammond is notably known for. The upbeat track “Drunched in Crumbs” is a three-minute, raw, effortless number that climbs into a thunderous solo with a piercing end that keeps you wanting more and makes you wonder why it’s not a single.

Hammond slows it down with and emotionally rich cover of Bob Dylan’s timeless song “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.” The overdubbed ethereal track perfectly blends the album together.

With his catchy lead track, “Born Slippy,” and his following power singles, “Losing Touch” and “Side Boob,” Hammond has created a mesmerizing, transcendent masterpiece that makes you want him to focus solely on his solo career. “Momentary Masters” is not an album you skip through; it’s one that you can replay and never get tired of. It’s one of the gems— a classic.

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