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BC Women’s Basketball team defeated on Jan. 24

Bakersfield College Women's Basketball Team

Alexandra Apatiga, Editor-in-Chief

January 28, 2018

The Bakersfield College Women’s Basketball team was defeated by West Los Angeles College at home on Jan. 24. West LA beat BC (86-56) staying ahead...

BC Women’s Basketball team wins 81-41 against LA Pierce College

Angie Kroger, BC Renegade player and guard on the basketball team, facing off against a player from Los Angeles Pierce College

Alexandra Apatiga, Editor-in-Chief

January 28, 2018

The Bakersfield College Women’s Basketball team won Wednesday, Jan. 17, against Los Angeles Pierce College (81-41) during their second home game of the ne...

BC player Alec Slykerman waits readily for opponent to serve

BC Men’s Tennis wins three double matches against Reedley College Tigers

January 28, 2018

During the Bakersfield College Men’s Tennis double match on Jan. 26, the BC Renegades pulled off an impressive victory. The sky was blue with some b...

Bakersfield College’s men basketball team pulls a close victory against LA Pierce College

Jamar Hammonds shooting mid-air during the Bakersfield College basketball home game against Los Angeles Pierce College.

Alexandra Apatiga, Editor-in-Chief

January 28, 2018

Bakersfield College’s Men Basketball team pulled a close victory against Los Angeles Pierce College at the BC home game on Jan. 17. Scoring 77-74,...

Brycin Hernandez, Outfielder, hits a pop-up to short stop to make the third out in the 7th inning

Bakersfield College baseball team defeats College of the Sequoias 4-2

January 28, 2018

Bakersfield College baseball defeated College of the Sequoias, 4-2, Jan. 27 with pitcher, Lane Cowan, who earned the win, and relief pitcher, Joey Sali...

PHOTO 1: BC’S southeast parking lot near the football stadium is almost to full capacity by 11 a.m.

Bakersfield College now offers a $10 parking permit

January 28, 2018

Every morning, cars encircle the Bakersfield College campus in desperate search for a parking spot. Seconds become minutes, and minutes become the third...

BC student overcomes battle with cancer

Naythan Bryant poses for a picture after talking about his struggles

Naythan Bryant, Reporter

January 28, 2018

“Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.” The words came out of the surgeons mouth, and I immediately went into a haze. I remember not...

Representatives from the school and community wait for someone to provide them with information about clubs

The Spring Involvement Festival encourages BC students to get involved

January 28, 2018

As part of Welcome Week, the Spring Involvement Festival on Jan. 23 featured representatives from clubs and the community.  The representatives who set...

Gabriel Thompson joins BC students to discuss his book “America’s Social Arsonist”

Author Gabriel Thompson, signing his book “America’s Social Arsonist” for Bakersfield College students

Jenny Brito, Web & Social Media Editor

January 28, 2018

Renegades and members of the community gathered at the Norman Levan Center for the Humanities to welcome award-winning journalist and author of “America’s...

“Diary of an Oxygen Thief” is unexpectedly startling

Cover of Diary of an Oxygen Thief.

Christina Benavides, Copy Editor

January 24, 2018

When I first picked up “Diary of an Oxygen Thief”, I thought it would be a book of poetry. I was surprised when I read the first page and found out...

Financial Aid deals with issues of inaccurate balances on students accounts

Financial Aid deals with issues of inaccurate balances on students accounts

April 27, 2017

Recently Bakersfield College has been going through some technical difficulties with financial aid, which have resulted in in inaccurate balances on student...

Child Development Center director passes

Morgan Park, Editor-in-Chief

March 20, 2017

Bakersfield College Child Development Center director Danell Ward passed away March 3 from a heart attack. According to an email sent out by executive vice president of instruction, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Ward has been with BC for four years and has helped move the BC child development center forward by coming up with ideas to teach children at BC. The email also said...

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